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Our organization is Grassroots & Volunteer Based.

Ababa Morke, Director of Partnerships
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Ababa Morke was born and raised in Shashamane, Ethiopia, and moved to Minnesota at the age of 13.  After visiting Ethiopia, Ababa was inspired to start making reusable pads and sending it to girls in school. As the Director of Partnerships and programs, Ababa works to cultivate community based partnerships both in the U.S and Ethiopia which then leads to menstrual health education workshops and distribution of products. Ababa is a graduate of  University of Minnesota Duluth and resides in Minneapolis.  

Darartu Doto, Founder/Executive Director

Darartu was born and raised in Shashamane, Ethiopia and moved to Minnesota at the age of 12. Growing up in Ethiopia, she saw a lot of students skipping school due to not having menstrual health hygiene products and has been passionate about ending period poverty ever since. Through Bilisummaa , Darartu has helped over hundreds of students receive menstrual health education and hygiene products. Darartu is a graduate of Pomona College and resides in Chicago. 

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