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Why we do this work is simple: 51% of girls in Ethiopia miss between 1-4 days of school a month due to menstruation. 

67% of girls in Ethiopia reported receiving no menstrual education at school. 

The impact of not attending school is child marriages, domestic abuse, and overall health complications. This cycle continues from one generation to the next generation. 

Providing menstrual health education and hygiene products can help break this cycle of inequity forever.


Since 2019, Bilisummaa has been providing menstrual health education workshops and supplies to students in need. 


We have given out over 700 products so far. This is is just the beginning. 

Join us in our movement to keep girls in school!


Nurse Jawar in Kofele, Ethiopia leading a menstrual health education session and showing students how to sew their own reusable pad


In partnership with Faje-Gole Health in Shashamane, Bilisummaa provided reusable pads and face masks to students on 9/8/2020.


Students learning how to sew reusable pads using needles, thread, and cloth. 

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