OUR MISSION IS TO provide menstrual health EDUCATION and Hygiene products TO students in Ethiopia. 

A $10 donation provides 1 student with 18 months worth of menstrual Hygiene products.


As a young girl growing up in Ethiopia, Darartu remembers how older girls would skip school for about a week every month. She never understood why until she moved to the U.S. at the age of 12  and had an “aha” moment: students in Ethiopia lacked both feminine hygiene products and menstrual education, forcing many to skip large chunks of school every year. Since that realization, Darartu has been working hard to end period poverty in Ethiopia and help students stay in school. 


of Ethiopian students report receiving no menstrual health education.



of Ethiopian students miss between 1-4 days of school due to menstruation.


of people in rural areas of Ethiopia use homemade alternatives. 

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